SmitterPC NCAA 2021

Last year was Crazy.  This year is pure Madness. 

The Madness is Back Baby!!

Join Dick Vitale, Gonzaga's Corey Kispert, and the rest of the field as they take the first steps down the road to the Final Four! 

Marvin is pumped to play in his first March Madness tourney, but now YOU CAN PLAY TOO (well almost) by entering the semi-official 2021 NCAA pool!

To enter the tourney here's what you need to do, send a payment today (or as soon as human possible) for $20 (includes 5 Quick Piks).

Most people are fairly familiar with how these things work, but jump over to the Rules Page to see how you enter, what you need to do to win and what will be awarded, when you do win (yeah, right)!

Click on the Bracket Page to fill out your sheet! You can do it all online (isn't technology great).  When finished, click on "Send" and viola you will be officially entered...

After each round all entrants selections will be scored and the current standings will be shown on the Standings Page.

Lastly, to complete the experience, check out the Jelani page to get you in the mood for the Road to the Final Four!

Good luck and be mad!


Smitter and PC

"Smitter and PC are two really solid guys. 
I respect and fear them, mostly!"


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